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Lift Chairs Orlando


​​All prices include delivery, instructions on use, pickup and any taxes within Orlando and surrounding areas and NOW delivering to Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Sattelite Beach, Cocoa, Merritt Island and Rockledge.  Please call us at 407-540-0079 for quotes on areas that may be outside our delivery zones.

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Lift chairs are an FDA Class II Medical Device designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments​

Offering help after breast surgery, tummy tucks, hernia, hip, shoulder, knee, neck and back surgery

Our clients always say at pickup "the chair was a life saver"

Rent the Basic 1 motor Golden Cambridge lift recliner

1 week rental.......$225.00 

2 week rental.......$300.00

3 week rental.......$350.00

4 week rental.......$399.00

​additional day......$15.00

​additional week...$75.00

Available in Small/Medium and Medium/Large for all heights.  Can lift patients up to 375 pounds.  This is a one motor chair and will recline to a 50 degree angle.  This chair only has 2 buttons so helpful for those with cognitive issues to operate.

Deluxe 2 Motor Lift Chair Recliners 

Lets you have infinite amounts of positions and lay back further than a one motor chair.  Head and feet portions can move independently for a more comfortable custom fit. Great for sleeping in, goes flat. Small, Medium and Large size chairs available for patients short to tall and weighing up to 375 pounds.  Can go in to Trendelenburg position (feet above heart)

1 week rental.....$250.00

2 week rental----$335.00

3 week rental.....$395.00

4 week rental.....$439.00

additional day....$20.00

​additional week..$85.00