We are a Golden Technologies dealer of their line of products which include Lift Chairs in 5 different series, Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheel Chairs

House of Health is the office of Dr. Daniel Giaquinto, chiropractor, in the downtown Colonial and Mills Area.  Dr. Giaquinto has been serving the community for 24 years and has recently started adding mobility products such as lift chairs, scooters and electric wheel chairs to his practice to help people with mobility issues find the perfect products for them,  at the best prices around.  Why buy from someone who just sells lift chairs and scooters when you can feel confident purchasing from someone who really knows the body and the issues that those who are hurt and have pain encounter every day.  He is available to personally discuss your health care issues and help you find the right products that will make your life easier within your budget.  He is also able to offer prescriptions for those that have medical need for mobility devices that allow them to be purchased tax free.

Dr. Giaquinto is well versed in what those who experience disability go through, as his father at the age of 55 had neck surgery that left him with nerve damage that affected the use of his legs.  Dr. Dan has been through the process of helping his father find ways to allow his him to still be able to have the freedom to get around, get up,  and still be able to function in a society that still doesn't quite understand the challenges that people with disabilities go through.  There are many ways to assist a person who does have disabilities to lead a more productive and active lifestyle.  Dont let pain and physical disabilities keep you from doing all the things you love to do.  

Lift Chairs are a great way to assist with standing from a chair, which can be very difficult for many with arthritis, knee pain or hip pain.  These chairs are beautiful recliners that lend a helping hand,  helping the person stand more easily without having to rock back and forth and possibly cause further damage or a possible fall.  

Scooters are a great way to add independence to someone with mobilty problems.  They can be portable or larger and there are many ways, such as electric lifts for cars or vans that can allow you to take your scooter with you.  Dr. Dan's dad, because of his scooter, is able to do so much more than a walker would have allowed him.  He can now shop and travel and even brings his scooter on some of the largest ocean liners ever to set sail and gets around the entire ship without hesitating.  Without the use of the scooter he would never be able to roam around these big beautiful cruise ships and enjoy all that they offer.

Dont wait another minute letting your mobility problems keep you from doing all the things you love to do.  Call our office at 407-540-0079 and talk to Dr. Dan personally about how he can help you help yourself or a loved one today.

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